What is MaxKudos?

MaxKudos is an Online reward points sharing application.

Allows to share points to Employees across hierarchy / department.


To recognize employee who adds value to the product / process.

Reward for employee who received more points by end of the year.

Why MaxKudos?

Redefining Work Culture

MaxKudos helps in redefining the way employees work by connecting employees across various functions and departments.

Boost Engagement

Improve employee engagement by boosting participation in all employee engagement programs.

Improve Employee Retention

Every team member is a possible asset for the company. Retain your employees by acknowledging the good work that they do.

Appreciate Innovation

No idea is a great idea until it is recognized. When a company recognizes, innovation it will help drive more innovation.

Power to Manage

Give your managers a tool to recognize their subordinates and motivate them.


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